Morocco Desert Camp :

morocco desert campMorocco Desert Camp, A sea of sentimental, warm, apricot-toned sands – The undulating landscape of the Erg Chebbi desert, is one of all Morocco’s most enchanting natural wonders. It’s one of the magical places you visit in morocco, For the weary traveler seeking such restorative magic, we provide an awfully special retreat. Our desert camp contains luxury tents, that include a toilet inside, like soap and shampoo for your shower, It also includes dinner and breakfast. The most means get to your desert camp.

* Taking a camel ride through the Erg Chebbi sand dunes companion with a camel guide, who will take you to the most effective spot within the desert to observe a magical sunset, Enjoy the golden sand dunes then still your camp to be welcomed by a warm mint tea by camp staff.

* Taking a car toward your camp to enjoy all of your evenings, and after you are taking a standard mint tea You’ll ride your camel to high dunes to enjoy an incredible spectacle sunset, so back to your camp, to eat delicious traditional Moroccan food. And after you will have a fireplace with Berber drums music under immeasurable stars.

Morocco Desert Camp offers visitors a getaway from the crowds of the cities. Other than your guide and your companions, the sole people you’ll encounter during your stay are the native Berber Nomads, that decision this harsh yet beautiful environment home. Our desert camp you mad your senses revived, as you relax in an oasis of calm and serenity. Take time as you’ll explore one of Earth’s most spectacular natural landscapes. You will try traditional Moroccan food at a standard dinner.

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