2 Days Desert Tour from Marrakech

The Marrakech to Quarzazate 2 days desert tour is suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy the Moroccan culture and history. Marrakech is a city where you can feel the spirit of the Sahara. It’s a city that attracts people from all over the world to come here and enjoy its unique atmosphere.
This is a tour that will take you to the Sahara Desert. It’s the most popular tour for tourists visiting Marrakech. This tour takes you through the Sahara Desert to the Berber villages. You will visit the Sahara Desert, and see the dunes and sand dunes, as well as the camel market. The Camel Market is one of the most famous markets in Morocco.

Best overnight Sahara Desert Safari from Marrakech

If you are looking for an adventurous experience, you can get it here. We provide our clients with the most comfortable accommodation and the best camel rides in the Sahara desert. However, Our desert safari in Morocco takes you to the best places in the Sahara desert, including the Kasbah Ait Ben Hadou, the Todgha Oasis, the Todgha salt lake, and the Atlas mountains.
We offer our customers a unique experience in the Sahara desert. Camel riding is the best way to enjoy the desert landscape and see the dunes. We are the only tour company in Morocco to offer a camel ride in the desert. Likewise, The Sahara desert is home to a diverse number of animals, plants, and insects, and we offer our clients the opportunity to spot some of these creatures.

2-Day Marrakech to Zagora Desert Trip Highlights

  • Day 1: Marrakech – Ait Benhaddou – Draa Valley – Zagora.
  • Day 2: Zagora – Draa Valley – Ouarzazate – Marrakech.


DAY 1: Marrakech – High Atlas Mountains – Ait Ben Haddou -Ouarzazate – Agdz – Draa Valley – Zagora Overnight 

We’ll pick you up earlier at your accommodation in Marrakesh city. In order to reach the village of Ouezzane in the South of the High Atlas Mountains The impressive mountains of red color. The fascinating Berber villages.
As we arrive in the Ait Benhaddou village, we will be doing a guided walk. This is an ancient village and is full of history and beauty. Old town in a small village that was listed for movies beginning with “Lawrence of Arabia”, ”Jesus of Nazareth”, ”Gladiator” and the list continues.
The Chateau d’Yquem is also listed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1987. We’ll drive to Draa Valley and then climb the Middle Atlas mountains, where we will admire its beautiful Draa Valley is where you’ll find one of the old caravan routes used for transporting gold, ivory, and slaves.
You’re going to the place where the palm trees are called dates. They’re gigantic trees and it’s an oasis for date farmers. You’ll be transported to a luxury desert camp, where you’ll stay overnight in a luxury tent. You’ll dine by the campfire, there will be some Berber music with camel guides for the ambiance.

DAY 2 : Zagora – Ouarzazate – High Atlas Mountains – Marrakech

When you get back from the Berber camping, you will drive back to the Valley of Draa. This valley is a rich historical site spread out along the river of the same name, the Draa, and has some great examples of ancient houses. It is 140 miles to get to Ouarzazate. It’s a very peaceful and quiet city.
Kasbah of Taourirt is a perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a glimpse of an old Moroccan town that was once a center for trade. It has many historical sights, including a very well-known cinema studio. The lunch will be in the same city, and drive back to Marrakech, via Tizi-n-Tichka.

Good To Know

  • We use a combination of private and public transportation when we travel. Furthermore, We have hired a car and driver for the duration of the trip to help us make sure we get to all the main sites.
  • We also hire an English guide to help us get the most out of our stay in Morocco.
  • The Sahara Desert is the second largest desert in the world. It is located in North Africa and spans parts of Algeria, Chad, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, and Tunisia.
  • The Sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world. It is also the hottest desert in the world.
  • The Sahara desert is located between the 15th and 26th parallel north.


How far is Zagora desert from Marrakech?

The distance between Marrakech and Zagora is 355 km (220 miles). However, It takes about 9 hours to drive from Marrakech to Zagora. It’s a slow trip through the Sahara Desert. Sightseeing is the best part of a vacation and should be factored into your travel budget.

Are there any dunes in Zagora?

In the Zagora Desert, there are very few dunes. Afterward, The only thing between the comfort of the camp and the danger of a tsunami. Most people think that Zagora is a flat rock desert.

Are tents private in the Zagora desert camp?

Yes, Tents in the Zagora desert camp are not open to the public.

Are there showers in the Zagora desert camp?

There are no showers in the Zagora desert camp, as I have said before. There are only toilets.

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