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1 Day Trip from Marrakech to Agafay


Marrakech is a busy city, rich in tourist areas, and offers different activities and challenges. To make a perfect trip to Marrakech, you should explore outside the city by taking an adventure to the desert. Agafay Desert is a rocky desert with magnificent views of spectacular hills and snowy High Atlas Mountains in winter. Situates 40km away from Marrakech, it is indeed a place to relax and meditate in a quite quiet atmosphere. There are several ways to get pleasure from a trip to Agafay Desert. Our team offers the best services by providing multiple activities and flexible plans to suit all visitor requirements.

The beginning of the trip starts in the morning Marrakech when embarking on a 4WD vehicle. Leaving the main way and start driving on off-roads, that’s the first sign of the desert. After a scenic drive, we would arrive to Agafay desert in which you can have a mint tea and relax. Once refreshed and ready, you wouldn’t want to visit the desert and do not act like a nomad. For this reason, you can ride your camel and unleash your eyes exploring these vast lands. Dressed like a Bedouin, you realize how traveling was on a camel, which really fits the name “desert ship”. You can stop whenever and wherever you want to take memorable photos. The place offers great opportunities to capture some of your best moments, especially over hills opposite with distant ropes.

Eventually, On Agafay Desert you don’t want to miss a magical desert sunset. Over a hill watch, the sunlight slips through the hills and mountains as the color changes in a fascinating sunset.
The trip to Agafay can take a full day and sometimes just midday. It all depends on the time and plans that are right for you. For this reason, we provided you with the maximum touristic destinations and activities that are available in the Agafay desert. Depending on your time and desire, our services always offer you freedom of choice and advice for an unforgettable trip.

1 Day Trip from Marrakech to Agafay

1 Day Trip from Marrakech to Agafay



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