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How to Go to Morocco Sahara Desert?

How to Go to Morocco Sahara Desert?

Visit the Sahara in Morocco

How to Go to Morocco Sahara Desert?



If you’re visiting Morocco, visiting the Sahara should be at the very best of your bucket list. the tranquility and infinite fantastic thing about the rose gold dunes is like nothing else on earth. contemplating the sunrise and the sunset over the sand dunes of the Sahara desert is a must moment to enjoy and to experience. understand all you’d wish to understand about visiting Morocco’s desert here.

All What You Need To Know About the Morocco Sahara

The two hugest sand dunes in Morocco are the Erg Chegaga and Erg Chebbi. Both are regarded as the closed border with Algeria. Sit amidst the encircling hammada (flat, stony desert) that has its’ own beauty and fascination. Nevertheless, it is the massive golden sand dunes that individuals come east for when the Moroccan desert calls.

Erg Chebbi is the foremost accessible, with a paved road into Merzouga, the little town that sits at its foot. the Erg Chebbi is about 170m high and about 130km, while the Erg Chigaga takes barely more effort to cover the unpaved 56km from M’Hamid. It’s also larger that’s 300m high and 600 km in its space.

However, it’s ideally possible to book a Morocco Sahara Desert tour, the best thing to do while traveling in Morocco. You probably don’t have any issue traveling to the desert within the winter. However, spring and autumn can get busy, and also the most effective guides will get booked early.

Faux guides are rife across Morocco and so the Erg’s are no different. Remember though that plenty of having a wealth of knowledge. It might often speak many different languages picked up over the years. Don’t dismiss faux guides out of hand, especially if they’re recommended or suggested by your hotel. Follow our Desert Tours 4×4 company to possess the only trip.

Erg Chigaga takes barely more effort to cover the unpaved 56km from M’Hamid. Erg Chigaga though maybe a smaller amount untouched and more spectacular, standing 300m tall and spreading an awe-inspiring 600km square.

Follow our Morocco travel tips to possess the only trip. there are different ways to pay for your Sahara desert tour such as; Cash and payment machines. Plus, to ATMs everywhere in the Sahara Desert.

When to travel to Morocco’s Sahara

The best time to for visiting the desert in Morocco is between October and May. Daytime temperature is average 20 to 35 degrees with less humidity that’s about 10%. During the Moroccan winter, especially between December and early February, night temperatures drop, sometimes below freezing, and other people taking a desert tour in Morocco will conclude warm. The desert Morocco weather is harsh within the summer months. June to September are often unbearably hot with July and August daytime highs often crossing 50°c. Many campsites close and desert tours in Morocco don’t happen during these months.


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