How To Get Married in Morocco

Married in Morocco & Honeymoon

How To Get Married in Morocco

Married in Morocco & Honeymoon

How To Get Married in Morocco

How To Get Married in Morocco


Morocco is a country that holds a distinguishable culture. Over the years, many dynasties planted their legacy and culture in the roots of this country. In the field of celebrations especially weddings, the Moroccan culture is diverse in its different weddings that take place in several places in the country. In order to explore one of the most significant and old cultures, we will shed the light on the Ait Khebbach tribe wedding ceremony. The cultural heritage varies from region to region. Actually, every tribe has got its own traditions and customs. In this blog, we will shed the light on the southeastern traditions. Exactly in the Sahara Desert, the Ait Khebbach tribe celebrates its wedding ceremonies in a unique and outstanding way. If you’re planning to get married in Morocco or you’re attending a wedding ceremony in the Sahara Desert. It’s helpful to know what to expect.
Over the years numerous couples from all over the years chose Morocco as a destination for marriage. Especially, the Sahara Desert of Merzouga, where they can enjoy magnificent views and special traditions.


Unlike the west, most of the regions in Morocco do not celebrate marriage on the first day. This is because the groom and the bride sign their official marriage and families start the arrangements. The celebration of a traditional wedding takes three days to fulfill and maintain the cultural values of the Ait Khebbach tribe. The small details and activities reflect the group identity, traditions, and customs of the region. The activities focus on the bride, reflecting the appreciation of this tribe over the female. Also because the woman in this tribe is responsible to preserve and hold the artistic symbols that characterize this identity.

The first day of the wedding

The wedding starts when the bride, her family, and the ‘Isnain’ arrive at the bridal tent outside the groom’s house. The ‘Isnain’ are three men appointed by the groom to transfer the bride and her family. Today the Isnain accompany the bride to her husband’s house by car. However, to keep their connection into their nomadic past, the bride rides a camel to the bridal tent. Also, on the camel, a small boy whose name should be Mohamed sits behind the bride. This is a presentation of wishes for the bride’s fertility and hope that she will have many.

The men and women of the village warmly welcome the bride with traditional songs. They also together participate in a game in which men jokingly try to steal items from the bride’s mount. The references to the bride as someone with peace, good fortune, and dignity equate the bride with prosperity. This suggests that her family has a certain level of prestige.
In contrast, during this entire event, one of the ‘Isnain’ confines the groom to a tent nearby. While waiting for his meeting with the bride at nightfall, his friends and relatives congratulate him. Afterward, the bride settles in her new home and drinks milk which indicates a bright and lucky future “white”. The family of the groom welcomes her and her family with a brazier filled with burning charcoal to create a sweet smoke. After these celebrations, one of the women accompanies her to where her husband stays to consummate the marriage.

The Second Day

The second day is usually the most festive day because the bride’s virginity is proven and marriage is consummated. Early in the morning, the bride redresses her red headdress, white clothing, and silver jewelry. The groom as well dresses in his white ‘ Jellaba’, yellow slippers, and white turban wrapped around his head. The family of the bride accompanies their daughter and the ‘Insane’ escorts the groom to the meeting point. Usually, at midday, it is where the groom sacrifices a white strong sheep. Huge numbers of people attend this event because they believe it’s the most important in the wedding. After the sacrifice, men and women gather in a team led by the couple and play the famous ‘Ahidous’ dance.

The Last Day

The third day of the wedding celebrates the bride on her way to her new family and home. Women of both families prink the bride with traditional products like orange saffron which she puts on her face. Also, they together sing for her demonstrating female solidarity across family lines. As a result, the anticipation of the crowd to finally catch a glimpse of the bride’s face increases. Because this is the first time the crowd will see her face publicly.
The three days wedding ceremony ends with the entire audience joining the bride in the performance of the ‘Amidoul’ dance. It is a collective dance performed on the last day of the wedding at sunset. Depending on the area, most of the villages in Merzouga Desert uncover the bride’s face on this dance. Others put it a thin white cloth to cover her face so that the unrelated men cannot see her face.
Finally, the conclusion of the wedding is the day after marriage festivities. A small number of women and small children accompany the bride to a canal, river, lake, water source, or just a tube of water if there isn’t any. She throws the almonds into the ground or any water source. The small children quickly jump to catch the almonds and the rest float away to become seeds for future almond trees. The almonds are symbols of the offspring that are expected to result from their relationship. Eventually, the visitors and her family leave for their home and the bride removes her special clothes. She joins her new family and starts to help them reorganize the house after three busy days.

Honeymoon in Morocco

The idea of a honeymoon is usually connected to the sea, relaxing on the beach, and watching the sunset. Thinking outside the box may result in different outcomes. In this blog following the marriage in Morocco, we will offer you the best ideas and plans. Morocco is the kingdom of different climates and terrain. It is home for amazing beaches, majestic mountains, green forests, golden sand dunes, and traditional old buildings. In this article, we will focus on the desert and how Romance could be in the heart of the desert.
The Sahara Desert has recently gained more significance by couples who aim to have different romantic moments. In a quiet atmosphere in the middle of the sand dunes, there are sporting chances to fully enjoy the honeymoon. Our different flexible services in the Sahara Desert will make sure you enjoy every moment.

Camel Trekking:

How To Get Married in Morocco

One of the most unforgettable experiences you will ever have is riding camels in the desert. Alongside your partner, you will ride the camels for a magical trek under the foothills of the Sahara Desert. It doesn’t get more romantic when watching the fascinating views of the dunes while the sun is setting. On the way, you can stop as much as you want to take memorable photos and marvel at spectacular scenes. You can stop and climb to the top of a dune to have a panoramic view of a desert sunset. The colors change occasionally as the shadows of the dunes move when the sun slowly sinks in the horizon. After these fantastic moments, you will arrive at the camp where the hosts warmly welcome you to spend this night.

Overnight in a Luxury Camp:
The hosts will cheerfully welcome you with mint tea and some cookies before they escort you to your private tent. The luxury private tent is fully-equipped to provide a special romantic desert camping experience. The most romantic part comes after settling in your tent. In a quiet desert atmosphere, the hosts will serve you a private candlelight dinner in the middle of the dunes. Over a campfire after dinner, you can enjoy Berber drums music to make your stay unforgettable.

You can also ascend a dune to have a clear sight of the Milky Way. On a clear desert night, you can clearly see the sparkling sky shines with billions of glistening stars. It is indeed one of the best opportunities to take memorable photos for a perfect honeymoon. After a relaxing night in your private tent, you can wake up early morning for a magical desert sunrise. In a desert morning breeze, you will have a romantic breakfast in the golden sand dunes of the Sahara Desert.

Note that the itinerary we provided is flexible and changeable. For a marriage or honeymoon experience, we can elaborately customize a convenient plan that fits your requirements.


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