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morocco tour

best morocco tours Welcome To Desert Tours 4x4 Agency best morocco tours CHafchaouen Chefchaouen, also known as Chaouen, is a city in northwestern Morocco known for growing hemp. It ismorocco populare cites about 65 km away from Tetouan and about 197 km from Fez... best morocco tours Ait Ben Haddou Ait Ben Haddou kasbah, Is Ighram or Qasr (fortified village) located near the Atlas Mountains, and it is about 30 km from Ouarzazate city, and it was built in the 11th century...


DESERT TOURS 4×4 Agency offers different tours and trips to explore Morocco from the well-known cities and every place in the country. Tours from Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, Tanger and Fez. As well as, the day trips from imperial Marrakech and Fez.
DESERT TOURS 4X4 is at your service to organize all of the trips that match your needs and requirements. Imperial travels, Sahara Desert tours, Family journeys, and private and Group traveling trips.

Why Visit Morocco?

Morocco is located in northern Africa and only a short distance from Europe. It does have the potential to be a magnificent country with plenty to offer for any traveler. Discover a welcoming and inviting society drowned in tradition, but lacking in a modern sensibility. Journey through crowded souks filled with hills of spices. Discover the remains of past civilizations which have survived for centuries. Enjoy the desert’s solitude or the ocean’s beautiful greens and blues. In a luxurious hammam, forget about your worries.

Greetings from Morocco!

Morocco’s distinctive topography on the western coast of northern Africa allows travelers searching diversity in their experience to enjoy a wide variety of conditions and landscapes. Morocco advantages from proximity to the sea; the mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Rif and the Atlas mountains range cuts through the country, with their forest hills. During the wintertime, the peaks are frequently snow-covered on the more opportunistic side of the scale. The harsh desert heat and seemingly endless expanses of sand dunes describe the Sahara, which runs south and southeast of Morocco.

Moroccan culture can be a blend of all civilizations that have inhabited its past, with a heritage that stretches back many decades. Berbers, Romans, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Arabs, Spanish, Portuguese, and French have all left their imprint on Morocco, whether through language, cuisine, traditions, or architecture. The labyrinth alleys of Morocco are well-known in the old medinas like Essaouira, Marrakech, Rabat, Fez. Moroccan culture is also diverse for its different types of Music such as Atlas, Sous, and Gnawa music, which is widely recognized nationally and internationally. It has geographical roots and can be used in both divine and celebration contexts. Moroccan architectural design also reflects  the beautiful country’s culture because of the local heritage and foreign influence; the graceful geometric shapes and decorative finishings of mosques, hammams, and homes. Moorish Spain also had an impact, especially in the north of the country like Tetouan, Chefchaoun, and Tanger trying to blend architectural elements such as the Andalusian and Islamic designs. Later, during the first half of the twentieth century, the French occupation resulted in the establishment of regulations that influenced the architectural style of the time.

      Moroccan Cuisine is diverse and delicious. while your visit to every place in Morocco. Surely, You are going to discover different plate that is popular and also belong to the place. in Marrakech, they have what they call Tanjia; that’s prepared in mud dish and usually with meat and different spices, and it’s cooked in the fire of wood. in the Sahara Desert, they have what they call the Berber Pizza; a bread filled in with meat and several vegetables. in Fez, there’s the delicious Bastilla. Plus, Tagine and Couscous that are widely known over Morocco.

Our country is known for making lovely arts and crafts, but nowhere is all this expertise more evident than in Morocco’s street markets, where tourists can purchase textiles, rugs, leather goods, furniture, and jewelry, among other products. Carpet weavers is a particularly prosperous local economy. Moroccan rugs are known all over the world for their high level of craftsmanship. Music and Dance may be an important part of Moroccan culture, though it varies greatly from region to region. The numerous people and tribal groups make up the Moroccan traditional musical genres. For example, Reggada belongs to the Rif ritual dance, in which Rif soldiers dance when they win over the enemy. In addition to different types of dances all over Morocco like Ahouash, Ahidous, and Gnawa.

The Moroccan culture puts an important emphasis on hospitality. Moroccans are warm and welcoming, always desirous to share the wonder of their country and culture with outsiders. Most locals are happy to assist out anyone in need, and should even befriend travelers and invite them to enjoy a cup of tea. Tea is commonly offered in shops, or perhaps market stalls, to customers. If Moroccans really want to welcome you, they’ll also have some cookies together with tea, or even perhaps dates and milk because of the highest style of welcome. While there’s little physical contact between men and girls publicly, people of the identical gender will often greet each other with an embrace and kisses on the cheek.

Good To Know

There are tourists who book their trip in Morocco with Moroccan companies, These companies do not provide quarantine procedures for the tourist through the hotels/Riad, because of lack of proper service with the hotels, You have information about the location and a good hotel for booking because most of the cities visited by tourists and they book themselves such as Marrakech and Fez.
These two cities are from the imperial cities of Morocco, where the so-called old city is located, which is about large houses, very close to each other, then converting some of them into hotels and narrow alleys. Ask the company that booked when about the good hotels and the appropriate location for the reservation.
Most of the tourists when they book their trip from Marrakech to the desert, sometimes make a mistake. They already visited the desert but might want to visit other cities like Fez and Chefchaouen, as well as Casablanca…., 99% of them leave most of their luggage in Marrakech because they will back to that city. This carries the tourist Hotel costs. It is better when booking a Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from anywhere in Morocco to take all your things with you because you may change your itinerary.

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